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Please consider to commit to the following monthly options:



All donations are tax-deductible.  Click on Pay Pal link for your monetary contribution.  You may also write a check payable to:
Oasis For Haiti's Children, Inc.
P.O.BOX 970385 Miami, FL 33197-0385

Thank you for your generosity!

How Your Participant Fees are Utilized


Your participant fees are Oasis' main source of funding.  These fees support our in-country program coordinators to implement our program.  As a staff we ensure that you and your fellow participants are well informed and prepared for your Oasis For Haiti’s Children program work.  Your participant fees also cover your food, lodging, and transportation during the program, and also offset the cost of pre-trip planning.  Participant fees and international airfare can be claimed as a tax deduction for US taxpayers to the full extent of the law. (Consult your tax advisor for full details.)


Field Expenses 40%

Pre-trip preparation, participant support, excursions, food, transportation, communication


Program Development 18%

Expanding and improving our program


Participant Coordination 18%

Processing applications, organizing short-term programs, preparation materials, international communications


Participant Recruitment 13%

Answering  inquiries  and questions, performing public outreach, publicizing our program


Administrative Overhead  11%

Building maintenance, utilities, equipment

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