Dr. Yanick Louis-Lindquist, founder of Oasis for Haiti's Children is both a visionary and a humanitarian.  After observing the pains and sufferings of her people from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which took place on January 12, 2012 in Haiti, Dr. Louis felt the need to serve her homeland.  She now establishes a Sport and Education Center for the community of Trianon and Grand Boucan in Mirebalais .  Creating a place to go for a pastime  alleviating the struggles of everyday life.


Cultivating leadership for the future generation of Grand Boucan and Trianon, Mirebalais.


We are creating an environment where the young people of Grand Boucan and Trianon, Mirebalais can learn from counselors and volunteers from other parts of the world and develop the leadership skills needed to assist their community and becoming self-reliant.


  • Recreational Activities

  • Social Skills

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Adult Education


  • How will I get to the Host Community?
    Your Oasis For Haiti’s team leader or representative will meet you on the scheduled day of arrival and transport you to the host community.


  • What if I don’t know the local language?
    It is not necessary to speak the local language.  We’ll teach you the basic greetings and helpful phrases as a part of your orientation.


  • What type of insurance do I need?
    Oasis For Haiti’s Children strongly suggest that you purchase the following:

    Emergency medical evacuation insurance, Health and medical insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.


  • What costs are not covered in the Program Fee?
    - Airfare or other travel to the host country
    - Visas and passports
    - Excess baggage charges
    - Charges incurred for flight cancellation or other travel delays, accidents       or other causes beyond our control.
    - Medical expenses, free time expenses (including your meals away from     the host community and entertainment and other admission fees.)
    - Alcoholic beverages, laundry, phone, email charges and all other items       not specifically mentioned.



  • Has Oasis For Haiti's Children, Inc complied with the requirements under the statute of Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services?                                                                                                Yes, we have. You can click this link to see the approval letter.


  • What kind of items can I donate?

       Here are some sample of items we will need:
       - Personal Care and Hygiene : Bar soap (full size) deodorant, hand sanitizer
       - Office and School supplies: coloring books, 3x5 index cards, scotch tape, crayons, sharpie markers
       - General Supplies: trash bags, batteries (all sizes) anti-mosquito coils

       - Food and Nutrition: Cereal, Gatorade Powder Packs,  Large bottle of chewable Vitamins with iron



"Perseverance is the road to success."

Dr. Yanick Louis-Lindquist